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conference “The XXI Century Magicians”

  • Чародеи фотоволл

Top-manager conference “The XXI Century Magicians”



Tourist Centre

the Vladimirsky area, Suzdal


kalendar October, 22nd-25th, 2016


 600 people




 To arrange the corporate event for the bank, the concepts of parody shows “The XXI Century Magicians” and “The Graduation Ball of the Magicians’ School” were offered and carried out. As 2016 was declared “The Year of Russian Cinematography”, and the legendary and universally recognized film “Magicians” was shot in Suzdal, it was decided to shoot the comedy remake in the format of a parody show there. The conference setting was in tune with the theme of the event.


Laying the alley of Sberbank good deeds, the sum total of 600 rowan tree seedlings planted





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