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Kremlin Christmas Festival

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The Kremlin Christmas Festival



National Centre for Contemporary Arts “Arsenal”, the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin

Nizhny Novgorod


kalendar 2012-2017


 1500 children and parents




An annual family festival for children of auto show and premium bank branch clients. On the program there were master-classes devoted to creating New Year articles for adults and children, New Year post, animation and themed theatrical performance, featuring the guests. Due to its high level of organization, idea originality and impressive realization, the Kremlin Christmas festival has turned into a most awaited event for clients of the Mercedes-Benz Plaza auto show and Sberbank First.



Integration of the event script into the existing museum exposition, creation of a children’s museum quest





Other events

главная «Зеленый марафон» Сбербанка в Нижнем Новгороде
Семейный спортивный праздник, который благодаря Сбербанку уже успел стать доброй традицией: в 2017 году «Зеленый марафон» проходил уже в шестой раз.
Мини Грачи Festival “Rooks Have Come Back”
A children's festival, devoted to International Birds Day. Throughout the course of the event, families participated in master-classes on creating nesting-boxes and other articles. The guests were offered an intense cultural program, quizzes and contests. The best works were awarded prizes sponsored by Maxidom.
grachi Детский праздник «Грачи прилетели…»
В рамках праздника, посвященного «международному дню птиц» мы организовали мероприятие «Грачи прилетели…», главный спонсором которого стал гипермаркет товаров для дома и сада «Максидом». 
bestofsport The Best in Sports 2012
The annual government awards of the Nizhny Novgorod area “The Best in Sports 2012” featured 15 nominations, almost 20 winners, and about 300 sports fans of Nizhny Novgorod.
ski2012 “The Ski-track of Russia”
"The Ski-track of Russia" is a great winter holiday, which is held annually. It is designed for a wide range of lovers of skiing.
ФОТО 15 Third International Festival Music Opus 52
The only open air modern academic music festival in the world; held on a unique area in the central street of the city, day and night.