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«Celebrity club» Opening of a new office Sberbank First



Sberbank1 office



kalendar February 10, 2015г


 120 guests




 The general course of the opening was built on the successive transition of guests from one zone to another. Thanks to the unique logistics that covered all the client's space of the bank, the guests got acquainted with the new interior of the Sberbank First office and appreciated the different thematic focus of the meeting rooms and the design of floors. Guests were able to visit all the interactive zones of the event, having spent long time on the site. To achieve these results, we created an intellectual excursion tour. The interactive zones were as follows: an art salon with Dmitry Volodin, a travel club with Mikhail Kozhukhov, a gentleman club with Nikolai Fomenko and a tasting of the products of the French Violet House "La Maison de la Violette".









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