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to the Future

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«Back to the Future»



Nizhny Novgorod

nn-point Nizhny Novgorod



kalendar May 21, 2013



It was a seminar of the famous American physicist, professor of New York University, author of the bestselling book "Physics of the Impossible" and "Physics of the future: how science will change everyday life by 2100" Michio Kaku. An American scientist, a specialist in theoretical physics, a writer and popularizer of science told the Sberbank customers how scientific and technological progress can change our daily lives. After an interesting lecture, the second part of the event began, in which we embodied the concept of "Back to the Future". Guests could take pictures in the interiors of the installation "Time Machine" with the favorite characters of the movie. The tea-party zone was designed in the style of a fantastic world from Lewis Carroll's book "Alice in Wonderland." The guests visited the hat workshop, tasted whiskey and cigars. At the same time the "Beatles" band was performing on the stage, bringing us back to the popular era. At the end of the evening, a time capsule which would be kept in Sberbank was laid for descendants with a video message from the guests. The capsule will be unpacked by Sberbank customers in 2100.

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