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Day “GoodWill” – “Round the world in 1 day”

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Client Day “GoodWill” – “Round the world in 1 day”



the Vladimirskaya area

Kovrovsky district



kalendar October, 17th, 2015






Potential clients were granted an opportunity of getting to know the infrastructure of the future city and housing schemes via their integration into the event, a gastronomic tour “Round the world in 1 day with GoodWill”. The guests were offered an involving trip to various corners of the planet (modified and stylized cottages decorated in tune with the location they depicted: mysterious Japan, refined France, freedom-loving Cuba, flavoured Scotland, hot-tempered Mexico and GoodWill itself, a new centre of cultural life and crossroads of all routes). The visitors were ushered by concierge-service, due to which groups accompanied by guides were moving comfortably around the territory using special shuttles. At each location they tasted national cuisines, watched a stylized cultural program, participated in various activities, photoshoots, etc. At the end of the trip, each client was given an individual family photobook about his/her round-the-world voyage.







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