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ВСК – 25 лет! «ВСК – 25 лет!»
ГСПИ - 70 лет! «ГСПИ - 70 лет!»
Ортобум. Шаг в будущее «Ортобум. Шаг в будущее»
Ёлка в Самаре 2018 "The Christmas festival 2018 in Samara"
Вазари "The Kremlin Christmas Festival 2018"
Вазари Festival of texts about the art of Vasari
Мерседес миниатюра Road Show “Follow me” Mercedes-Benz Vans
torchrelay The Olympic torch relay
According to the Olympic Committee Nizhny Novgorod held the best Olympic torch relay out of 130 city-participants.
para The Paralympics torch relay
Мини Мерседес Opening of the Mercedes-Benz Plaza Dealership
A festive opening ceremony of the biggest dealership center “Mercedes-Benz Plaza” in Nizhny Novgorod.
FY2T2037 Festival “PRO DOBRO”
The only musical festival for talented children, featuring famous tutors, and a gala-concert
grachi Детский праздник «Грачи прилетели…»
В рамках праздника, посвященного «международному дню птиц» мы организовали мероприятие «Грачи прилетели…», главный спонсором которого стал гипермаркет товаров для дома и сада «Максидом». 
КВН 1 «Cinema Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted»
Conducting a corporate competition off-line among bank branches from 7 cities with simultaneous on-line broadcasting to 7 regions with the inclusion of teleconference of fans in the format of a gala concert.
СБ1 мини «Celebrity club»
Thanks to the unique logistics that covered all the client's space of the bank, the guests got acquainted with the new interior of the Sberbank First office and appreciated the different thematic focus of the meeting rooms and the design of floors.
ФОТО 15 Third International Festival Music Opus 52
The only open air modern academic music festival in the world; held on a unique area in the central street of the city, day and night.



Nizhny Novgorod, Studenaya street, 37-401


+7 (831) 4-301-501