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torchrelay The Olympic torch relay
According to the Olympic Committee Nizhny Novgorod held the best Olympic torch relay out of 130 city-participants.
para The Paralympics torch relay
Мини Мерседес Opening of the Mercedes-Benz Plaza Dealership
A festive opening ceremony of the biggest dealership center “Mercedes-Benz Plaza” in Nizhny Novgorod.
FY2T2037 Festival “PRO DOBRO”
The only musical festival for talented children, featuring famous tutors, and a gala-concert
КВН 1 Кино КВН
Проведение внутрикорпоративного конкурса среди отделений банков из 7-ми городов в офф-лайне и одновременная он-лайн трансляция на 7 регионов с включением телемостов болельщиков в формате гала-концерта. 
СБ1 мини «Celebrity club»
Благодаря уникальной логистике, которая охватывала все клиентское пространство банка, гости познакомились с новым интерьером офиса Сбербанк Первый и  оценили разную тематическую направленность переговорных и оформление этажей. 
Миниатюра Арт-пространство Sberbank – cordial art-space for beloved clients
Nikas Safronov, honoured artist of the Russian Federation, was invited to be an expert and an honorary guest.
Мини Елка The Kremlin Christmas Festival
An annual family festival for children of auto show and premium bank branch clients
Мини ДеньБега Running Day
А large-scale mass sports competition on the central square of the city.
The exhibition, including over 120 works of great photographers worldwide, commemorated the opening of the Moscow Bolshoy Theatre historical stage.
Миниатюра 175 175 Recipes of Success
New format of a VIP-event, transformation of the area at different event stages.
Мини кулинарный поединок Culinary battle
Culinary battle for Sberbank First Povolzhsky Region clients.
pentathlon The Modern Pentathlon World Cup Final
It was the first time Nizhny Novgorod hosted such a large-scale sports event. 25 countries worldwide took part in the Modern Pentathlon World Cup Final, the city was visited by many distinguished guests.
Миниатюра Карнавальная ночь Comedian musical-performance “Carnival Night”
Simultaneous interaction of two stages due to direct transmission
cityfifa2018 The ceremony of announcing FIFA-2018 host-cities
A city festival, devoted to choosing FIFA-2018 host-cities. Arranging mass gathering of the citizens in the places of a planned Championships fan-zone (Minin and Pozharsky Square) to witness the ceremony of announcing the host-cities where football matches will be held. During the event, two-way space bridges from the FIFA headquarters with all candidate-cities took place, an entertaining program for the guests was organized, featuring Nizhny Novgorod musicians, and the headliner of the event, the Uma2rman band.



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