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Kremlin Christmas Festival 2017

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«The Kremlin Christmas Festival 2017



Arsenal, the Kremlin

Nizhny Novgorod


kalendar December 24-25, 2016


 1500 children and their parents




In 2017 the family theater became the basis of the concept which meant development of creative abilities of each small guest. Children took part in the New Year's theatrical production based on the fairy tale of Antoine de Saint-Exupery "Adventures of thelittle prince". The fairy tale began at the front door. Little guests were greeted, registered and distributed to groups by animators in costume of stars. Age in the groups was not regulated, although the ratio of small and adult children was taken into account for further theatrical production. As soon as all the guests gatheredthe fairy tale began. Magic music, fairy-tale characters, all of this foreshadowed a fabulous adventure. Children in groups under the guidance of fairy-tale characters(professional actors)learned their roles behind the scenes without parents. Then on a real stage they showed a performance for their parents. While the children rehearsed, the parents prepared gifts in the New Year's workshop - Christmas balls (hand painting, decoupage, decoration).


The developed individual style was used in all the elements of the event, costumes were sewn for each participant of the show.





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